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About Us
Shadetree Rare Books focuses on American and Virginia history,
biography, the American Civil War and classical literature.  It has a wide
variety of books for children and young readers, as well as books
on art, architecture & design, gardening, poetry and an extensive offering
of entertainment books.  It has a strong selection of
hard-to-find cookbooks, as well as extensive listings
pertaining to the African-American experience.
In addition to its collection of fine leather-bound volumes,
Shadetree also offers modern First Editions, many of them signed.

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Newly acquired RARE books

Inquiry into the Nature & Causes of the Wealth of Nations Adam Smith  -  SOLD ($1500)

Commentaries on American Law
James Kent

The Principles of Political Economy and Taxation
David Ricardo

The Raven
Edgar Allan Poe
Alfred Noyes
The Power of Positive Thinking
Norman Vincent Peal
The Sea Fogs
Robert Louis Stevenson
Dodge MacKnight:  Water Color Painter
Desmond Fitzgerald
Book Plate Collections
Henry Blackwell
The Family of John Lewis, Pioneer - SOLD ($95)
Compiled by Irvin Frazier


Feature Presentations
(A Sampling of Our Thousands of Fine Books)

Black Genesis - Stoney & Shelby       > Black Genesis

The American Civil War Book and Grant > Album

History of Slavery & Slave Trade - SOLD $450 American Bastile - SOLD $350
History of the Education of Black Citizens
in Halifax Co. (Va): 1866--1969
- SOLD $35
57th Virginia Infantry - SOLD $75
Quest for Enslaved Ancestors:
Extended Family of Griffin Fountain of
Halifax Co. Va & NC
  - SOLD $30

Robert E. Lee (4 Vols.) - Freeman - SOLD  

The Industrial History of the Negro Race
of the United States
A Life of Gen. Robert E. Lee - SOLD $325
Case of Odell Waller and Virginia Justice The Status, Role, and Lifestyle of Union Officers in the Civil War Battles for the Union
Christmas-Night in the Quarters - R. Irwin Battles for the Union - Willard Glazier - SOLD  $100                          >
Personal Reminiscences, Anecdotes, and Letters of Gen. Robert E. Lee - SOLD $350
AMERICAN ENTERTAINMENT Folk Songs Milton W. Humphreys Memoirs (Vol. 2) - SOLD
Folk Songs - John Palmer       > - SOLD $75 Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant (2 Volumes) - SOLD $500
Lyrics - Carly Simon  - SOLD $950 Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant (2 Volumes)
Writings of Thomas Paine - SOLD $650 Outlines of a New Plan for Tilling & Fertilizing Land
Retrospect Of Western Travel
(2 vols. in 1)
The Art of Landscape Architecture America's Garden Book
History of the Bank of the U. S. - SOLD $380 American Eloquence (2 Vols.) America's Garden Book              >
The Life of George Washington  - SOLD $125 The Garden at Home - H.H. Thomas- SOLD $22
American Eloquence (2 vols.)              > The American Swine Breeder
Washington's Farewell Address,
Webster's First Bunker Hill Oration,
Lincoln's Gettysburg Address
Three Thousand Receipts Gentlemen Up - SOLD $150
The Biography American Military Heroes The Badminton Library of Sports and
Pastimes: Hunting
America's Garden Book
Town Officer - Laws of Mass. The Grand National, 1839-1930       >
Sketches of Life & Character - Patrick Henry The Antiquarian A Treasury of Horse Stories - Self - SOLD
Public Laws of North Carolina (1871) Life & Sport in Aiken - Harry Smith - SOLD
The Antiquarian            >
Along the Border (Virginia & North Carolina) - SOLD LAW
Index To Kentucky Wills to 1851 - SOLD Commentaries on Equity Pleadings - SOLD
The River Plantation - Gaillard - SOLD
The Federal Calculator and Ready Reckoner LITERATURE
Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Courts of Common Pleas and Exchequer Chamber (Vol. II) The Adventures of Gil Blas
Ovid's Metamorphoses                         > Ovid's Metamorphoses
ART Secret Journals   - SOLD
Engravings - The Royal Collection The Posthumous Pickwick Papers- SOLD
London Scenes & London People - SOLD An Anthology - John Gibson
The End of Elfintown - SOLD
ART OF LIVING Tristram Shandy - SOLD
The Pleasures of Contemplation Nights with Uncle Remus: Myths & Legends
Fancy's Frolicks             > The Tower of London, A Historical Romance
The Physiology of Marriage - SOLD Windsor Castle - SOLD
The Marble Faun              >
BIOGRAPHY A Companion for the Festivals and
Fasts of the Protestan Episcopal Church
The Life & Times of Henry Clay - SOLD The Bells - Edgar Allan Poe
Looking for Gatsby - Faye Dunaway Washington Irving (27 Vols.)
Richard Nixon - In the Arena  - SOLD Walton's Lives
Walton's Lives                          > POETRY
Jesse James, My Father - SOLD Household Poems - Longfellow       > Longfellow's Household Poems
The Life of Thomas Jefferson
CHILDREN'S BOOKS The Independent Wig: or, A Defence of Primitive Christianity
Book of Games - Kate Greenaway     >- SOLD Book of Games The Baptist Encyclopedia - SOLD
Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens- SOLD Life and Times of James B. Taylor        > The Romance of Early Exploration
The Hawatha Primer The Connecticut Evangelical Magazine
Topsy, Toby and Tot Book of Games A Catechism of Natural Theology
The History of Tom Thumb             > Magazine - Reformed Dutch Church 1827
Goody Two Shoes
Stories Told in the Twilight: The Little Red Shawl                >- SOLD  Book of Games SCIENCE /MEDICINE
The American New Dispensatory
EDUCATION The Pathological Anatomy of The Human Body
A Spelling Book
Edison's Handy Encyclopedia       >- SOLD TRAVEL & EXPLORATION
The Romance of Early Exploration     > The Romance of Early Exploration
FICTION Excursions in the County of Cornwall
Northern Lights - Tim O'Brien - SOLD

Bar-20 - Clarence Mulford - SOLD VIRGINIA HISTORY

Operation Shylock: A Confession - SOLD Pittsylvania County Historical Society Books

Promised Land - Robert Parker - SOLD A Richmond Album - Pictorial Chronicle
The Cabin in the Cotton - Harry H. Kroll The History of Campbell County, Virginia

The Dark Island - Sackville-West My 100 Children - Bernard Bain - SOLD

Who Fears the Devil? - Wellman- SOLD Lives of Virginia Baptist Ministers - Taylor
To Kill a Mocking Bird - Harper Lee - SOLD

Liquor and Anti-liquor in Virginia 1619-1919       - SOLD
The Sheltered Life - Ellen Glasgow - - SOLD

Addresses and Historical Papers 
Bedford Goes to War - SOLD
The Southern Reposure, Vol I, No. 1

Officers of the Senate of Virginia 1776-1956
Not Quite Eighteen - Susan Coolidge Uncle Tom's Cabin (in German)
Onkel Toms Hütte (Uncle Tom's Cabin - German)                                                         > World History
FISHING Cram's Unrivaled Atlas of the World- SOLD  > Cram's Atlas of the World
Some Silent Places Still- SOLD The Greville Memoirs - SOLD
The Pursuit of Wild Trout      > - SOLD Hyde Park and The House of the Grosvenors
Trout Fishing from All Angles
 - Eric Taverner

Memoirs of Edmund Ludlow, Esq.; Lieutenant General (3 Vols) Cram's Atlas of the World

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