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The History of Slavery & the Slave Trade
Ancient and Modern

By W. O. Blake

 This volume covers the History of Slavery throughout human history.  Black embossed cloth. Very Good condition. Size is 10" tall, 7" wide, and 2" thick.  An extraordinary book in extraordinary condition.  Strong gilt lettering on spine. Marbled end papers. Marbled fore-edges.  861 pages. Numerous full-page steel engravings.  Some professional hinge repair.
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Front Cover & Spine

Title Page 


Branding Slaves

Gathering Cane

Plantation Scene - Sugar

Marble Endpapers



Chapter I - Preliminary Sketch - Ancient Slavery
Chapter II - Slavery in Greece - Athenian Slaves
Chapter III - Slaves of Sparta, Crete, Thessaly, etc - The Helots
Chapter IV - Slavery in Rome
Chapter V - Slavery in Rome - Continued
Chapter VI - Christian Slavery in Northern Africa
Chapter VII - African Slave Trade from the 15th to the 18th Century
Chapter VIII - Slave Traffic of the Levant - Nubian Slaves
Chapter IX - African Slave Trade in the 18th Century
Chapter X - African Slave Trade in the 18th Century, Continued - The Middle Passage
Chapter XI - Slavery in the West Indies, 1750 to 1790
Chapter XII - Early Opponents of African Slavery in England & America
Chapter XIII - Movements in England to Abolish the Slave Trade
Chapter XIV - Parliamentary History - The 20 Years' Struggle
Chapter XV - Parliamentary History - Slave Trade Rendered Illegal
Chapter XVI - Indian & African Slavery in St. Domingo - The Insurrections
Chapter XVII - African Slave Trade After Its Nominal Abolition
Chapter XVIII - Efforts to Supress the Slave-Trade - Operations of the Cruisers
Chapter XIX - Operations of the Cruisers Under the Ashburton Treaty
Chapter XX - Historical Sketch of Sierra Leone & Liberia
Chapter XXI - History of Slavery in the North American Colonies
Chapter XXII - Slavery Under the Confederation - Emancipation by the States
Chapter XXIII - Formation of the Constitution - Slavery Compromises
Chapter XXIV - Political History of Slavery in the United States from 1789 to 1800
Chapter XXV - Political History of Slavery in the United States, from 1800 - 1807
Chapter XXVI - Political History of Slavery in the U.S. from 1807 to 1820
Chapter XXVII - Period from 1820 to 1825 - Political History of Slavery
Chapter XXVIII - Period from 1835 to 1842 - Political History
Chapter XXIX - Period from 1842 to 1849 - Annexation of Texas
Chapter XXX - Political History of Slavery - Compromise of 1850
Chapter XXXI - Repeal of Missouri Compromise - Kansas & Nebraska Organized
Chapter XXXII - Affairs of Kansas - Congressional Proceedings
Chapter XXXIII - History of the Troubles in Kansas, Continued
Chapter XXXIV - Constitutional Convention at Lecompton - Appointment of Delegates, Pro-slavery Majority - Provisions of the Constitution - Constitution not to be submitted to the People - Sent to Congress - etc.
Chapter XXXV - Statistical Tables Constructed from the Census of 1850
Chapter XXXVI - The Insurrection at Harper's Ferry
Appendix - Dred Scott Decision

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