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The Writings of Thomas Paine

Published 1792
By Thomas Paine

A compendium of Thomas Paine's most important writing.  Very scarce volume.  Full leather, nearly 8" x 5", 1" thick.  Binding is tight, spine is Good, with gilt titling on red morocco label in place.  All endpapers in place, with a previous owner's name on the title page.  Mild to moderate foxing throughout, with browning on inside covers.  Containing (1) Rights of Man (2) Common Sense (3) The Crisis (4) Public Good (5) Letter to Abbe Raynal (6) Letter to the Earl of Shelburne (7) Letter to Sir Guy Carlton (8) Letter to the Authors of the Republican (9) Letter to Abbe Syeyes.  Printed by Charles R. & George Webster - Albany, NY, 1792.  Author's note dated February 14, 1776.  The reason for the low price is damage from apparently an errant ember of fire that caught between the outside pages, burning a " x 2" crescent from page 41 to page 106.  A second burn mark is at the same place on front cover which is a crescent area 2" vertically and " horizontally.  (The Writings of Thomas Paine without the burn marks was offered by Bauman Rare Books for $4800.)  Some type is lost in the burned areas.  Queries on the damage to this remarkable volume are invited.
(Additional scans available on request.)
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Price:  $650
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Front Cover and Spine

Title Page
Damage to Book (1)
Damage to Book (2)
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