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The American Swine Breeder,
A Practical Treatise on the Selection,
Rearing and Fattening of Swine

By Henry W. Ellsworth

Published by Weeks, Jordan and Company in 1940.  Small brownish-green hardcover with gilt lettering to spine. 304 pages. Farmer's Series, Volume I. Bumps to corners and spine ends. Chip to foot of spine. Foxing to endpapers, but very little through pages. This is the original hardcover published in 1940. Contents: "Chapter I - Object of the work -- Three species of Swine peculiar to the Old Continent and its Islands -- Different breeds of England -- Those of this country." "Chapter II - Comparative influence of male and female in impressing their descendants -- Modes of improving Stock -- Rules for selecting breeds -- Crossing -- Breeding in-and-in -- Class of points for Hogs -- Cooper's two rules for breeders -- Times of Copulation -- Apportioning the litters of the Sow -- Treatment of young Pigs -- Tendency of Sows to destroy their offspring -- The operation of Spaying described -- Substitutes for Spaying -- Method of obtaining the weight of Swine while living." Chapter III - Cleanliness and humane treatment essential in rearing Swine -- Allotment of suitable and convenient pens -- The proper method of obtaining large quantities of manure from Swine, and its great value -- Pastures for Hogs -- Modes of constructing Styes -- Proper form of Trough -- Stall pens -- Notice of various Piggeries -- Proposed plan of Piggery." Chapter IV - On the comparative Advantages of raw and prepared Food for Swine -- Interesting researches of French chemists on this subject -- The necessity of some preparation evident from the experiments of M.M. Boit and Raspail -- Fermented Food -- Boiling and steaming Food -- Results of various experiments in Europe and this country -- Cuts, and descriptions of Boiling and Steaming Apparatus." Chapter V - General remarks on feeding -- Treatment and food of young pigs -- Of growing stores -- Soiling -- Proper periods for fattening and killing hogs -- Treatment of fatting hogs -- Food -- Corn -- Oats -- Rye -- Barley -- Buckwheat, etc..." Chapter VI - "Exhibition of the modes pursued by various distinguished breeders, in the management of Swine -- Diseases of Swine, and their Remedies -- Manner of Killing Hogs -- Curing Hams -- Erection of Smoke Houses -- Packing Pork, etc."
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