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The Status, Role, and Lifestyle
of Union Officers in the Civil War

By Colleen R. Cahill

Self-Published in 1987.  Black hardcover with gilt lettering to spine and front. 240 pages. A thesis submitted to the Kent State University Graduate College in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Masters of Arts. Clean and tight. No marks. Scarce title. Topics covered include: (1) Officers, Recruiting and New Regiments. (2) The War, Blacks, Draftees, Foreigners, The Regular Army and Geographic Divisions, Union Commanders, Southern Soldiers and Civilians, Northern Civilians, and Politics and Government. (3) Food, Shelter, Dress, Entertainment, Pay and Economics, Disease, and Prisoners of War. (4) Leave and French Leave, Resignations and Discharges, and Promotions. (5) Hierarchy of Officers, Officers' Responsibilities, Types of Discipline, Unseasoned Troops and Officers, and Quality of Officership. (6) Early in the War, Training, Problems in Battle, Courage in Battle, and Winning and Losing. (7) Drink, Stealing, Absenteeism and Desertion, Murder, Violence, Women, Profiteering and Court-martial. There is also an Epilogue and a Bibliography. Heavy book and may require extra postage to some destinations.
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